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Stern AM, Yang Y, Meunier AL, Liu W, Cai Y, Ericsson M, Goedert M, Scheres SHW, Selkoe DJ. Abundant Aβ Fibrils in Ultracentrifugal Supernatants of Aqueous Extracts From Alzheimer’s Disease Brain. Neuron 2023 Jul 5;111(13):2012-2020.e4.

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Stern AM, Liu L, Jin S, Liu W, Meunier AL, Ericsson M, Miller MB, Batson M, Sun T, Kathuria S, Reczek D, Pradier L, Selkoe DJ. Calcium-Sensitive Antibody Isolates Soluble Amyloid-Β Aggregates and Fibrils From Alzheimer’s Disease Brain. Brain 2022 Jul 29;145(7):2528-2540.

Liu L, Kwak H, Lawton TL, Jin SX, Meunier AL, Dang Y, Ostaszewski B, Pietras AC, Stern AM, and Selkoe DJ. An Ultra-Sensitive Immunoassay Quantifies Soluble Aβ Oligomers in Human Brain, CSF, and Plasma. Alzheimer’s Dement. 2022 Jun;18(6):1186-1202.

Commentaries and Reviews

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